Frank Pietronigro – Interdisciplinary Artist

I hope you enjoy what you discover as you experience my work and the various disciplines I have used to express myself including, painting, zero gravity ‘Drift Painting’, digital photography, community collaborative arts project, digital video, drawing, installation, digital acrylic transfer paintings, digital compositing, sculpture and mixed media.

My papers have always surprised me in terms of concept and the language I used. Community based collaborations were the most challenging to manifest yet they were so very satisfying to experience. It is cool to leave a legacy of experiences that have impacted so many people.

Teaching has been especially satisfying and I have learned so much from my students. I teach Motion Graphics (so different than paintings) using Adobe Products. Digital media, for me, creates art much faster than painting. With the digital videos presented I use chance and the unexpected to guide the theme and outcome of the video rather than use

It was really amazing to float in zero gravity in order to create paintings and I am pleased that I wrote about ‘drift paintings’ in 1974 yet actualized my first zero gravity arts project (Research Project Number 33) in 1996, 22 years later.

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