Frank Pietronigro – Interdisciplinary Artist

I hope you enjoy exploring my work, which spans a variety of disciplines, including painting, zero gravity “Drift Painting,” digital photography, community collaborative arts projects, digital video, drawing, installation, digital acrylic transfer paintings, digital compositing, sculpture, and mixed media.

I have always been surprised by the concepts and language that emerge in my papers. Community-based collaborations have been the most challenging to manifest, but they have also been the most rewarding. It is gratifying to leave a legacy of experiences that have touched so many people.

Teaching has been another rewarding experience. I have learned so much from my students, and I have enjoyed sharing my knowledge of motion graphics (which is very different from painting) using Adobe products. Digital media allows me to create art much faster than painting, and I enjoy using chance and the unexpected to guide the theme and outcome of my videos.

I was amazed to float in zero gravity and create paintings. I had written about “drift paintings” in 1974, and I was thrilled to finally realize my vision in 1996 with my first zero gravity arts project (Research Project Number 33).

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