2016 Arts, Humanities and Culture in Space Track ZGAC STEAM SCREEN PROGRAM

2016 Arts, Humanities and Culture in Space Track ZGAC STEAM SCREEN PROGRAM


Reflected Shards, Tlielaxu Miykel, Motion Graphics Designer, Mexico, 2016
REFLECTIVE SHARDS by Tlielaxu Miykel, Motion Graphics Designer, Mexico, 2016

In the spirit of the Zero Gravity Arts Consortium’s (ZGAC) interdisciplinary, multicultural, interactive and intergenerational approach, new video works created by international university motion graphic design students will be presented in addition to arts in space projects created by artist working at the nexus of the arts, humanities, and cultural collaborations within the context of space exploration.

We hope these video shorts and educational links to arts in space exploration projects, spark your imagination when envisioning how you too might join us in going into space. What would you do off planet and why? How do you feel about this adventure for our species and how do artist imagine such space today?

Enjoy these various creative and cultural responses, that weave a keen psychology and abstract storytelling about what cultural activities and space exploration might exists like, side by side within a space beyond borders, as science, technology, engineering, arts, music and mathematics move off our home planet.

Click on the URL to view any video short, each offered as gifts from the designers specifically created for the enjoyment of ISDC2016 attendees. These motion graphic designers were well aware of the conference theme:
Space Beyond Borders.

As science fiction artists of today, art directors consider what they imagine the future of space exploration to look like as they weave within this context their histories, cultural activities, mythologies, languages, stories and ideas. As extension of our arts and diverse global cultures, how might subjects about our species moving off home planet earth be contemplated; then, woven into contemporary visualizations of space exploration from diverse cultural perspectives? Within the context of space exploration, the artist effectively montaged video and audio, while learning about space sciene, engineering while demonstrating and showing varying concepts and degress of technical agility while editing with Adobe AfterEffects. All content researched; then, used by each designer was to be found in public domain and credited appropriately. Granted some of the NASA logos miss the words, “Video Courtesy of NASA” as the exuperance of these designers and the difficulty challeenge in was for them to produce these video shorts in less that three weeks from conception to completion.

With ten weeks of study in motion graphics design and programming in Adobe AfterEffects, this track’s Chair, Frank Pietronigro, was their teacher this semesters in the Web Design New Media School at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. What you will see are the results of a motion graphics homework assignments. The results offer compelling personal statements with unique international perspectives and intrepreations of their sense of culture extending to a space beyond borders. In many cases the students created their own audio. Their dedication and creativity reflect the dedication
and creativity we see in space scientists and engineers so many of the videos indeed celebrate, at a high level of professionalism, seemlessly creating a Space Beyond Borders between the arts and the sciences.