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Frank Pietronigro Biography 2016


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Photo by Joe Szymanski

I have been an artist who has used the medium of painting and drawing my whole life as the basis for all other creative action.

Recently, I have enjoyed the process of using digital photography to capture light in the real world and then translate them into large scale oil paintings on canvas.  This new series, The Light Beings Series, celebrates my love for color, glowing light, biomorphic form, levitation and a sense of the mystical.  Mark Rothko comes to mind when considering scale.  These colorful works are created as oil and acrylic paintings on canvas, as pigment prints on paper and canvas.


As an educator in painting, drawing, and new media I weave interdisciplinary, interactive, multicultural and intergenerational aspects into collaborative art-making processes and collaborations tempered with my queer cultural sensibilities.  Created in the spirit of pluralism I express my creativity using many various media and styles.

Works rebound between paintings, drawings, works on paper, video and audio works, performance works, installations, and other forms of digital media.   I enjoy the tangible and the illusive, matter and energy, and transparency and opacity and use them to amplify my work’s support of heterogeneity.   In the spirit of Joseph Beuys, I use art practices at the nexus of art and space exploration as  prime territory where institutional structures might be sculpted in order to enhance the quality of life for space travelers while also advocating for greater dialogue between artists, space scientists and engineers.  The goal is to expand artistic and diverse cultural access to space flight technologies and create greater economic equity for practitioners of both the arts and the sciences.  In support of this, I am Co-Founder of the Zero Gravity Arts Consortium.


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Drift Painting in Zero Gravity by Frank Pietronigro 2004

Arts In Space Exploration by Frank Pietronigro, National Space Society AdAstra Magazine 2011

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