Creative Summer Seminary with Frank Pietronigro

July 11- August 15 – San Francisco, California

I have been asked many time if there are opportunities for people to study and work with me more fully; consequently, I invite you to consider joining me for a six weeks (3 hours/week) Creative Summer Studio 2015 whose goal is to help all participants expand and grow creatively.  Creative project concept opportunities will be shared with studio participants who can then choose to focus on a particular project as a means for individual creative expansion and growth.


Overview: Project Based Opportunities for Creative Collaboration

Project Concept Expansion 1: Weaving in your vision, skills and desires

Networking: the international space arts and space exploration industries

Project Concept Expansion 2: Expanding Creative Collaborations

Discussion: Revenue Sharing Opportunities, Fundraising and Development

Growth: Expansion Project Concepts and Leadership into the Future


Overview of the Arts, Humanities and Culture in Space Exploration

Frank’s usual personality and tips for staying sane in the arts.

References, Reading List, Links and Handouts

Registration Limit: 8 People



Before June 9: 40% off registration fee if registered by June 9 –  $ 900 
Before June 14: 30% off registration fee if registered by June 14 – $ 1050
Before July 1: 20% off registration fee if registered by July 1 – $ 1200
Before July 4: REGISTRATION DEADLINE JULY 4 – $ 1500

Location confirmation will be emailed to all registrants.  Exact weekly meeting dates and time will be determined with all studio participants.


Zero Gravity Arts Consortium (ZGAC)

Space Wishes: Spacecast Chorus Suborbital Flights for Artists

ZGAC: Arts in Space Exploration International Conference Program

Leonardo Da Vinci International Space Arts Awards

Intergeneration:Building Queer Community Across The Ages Through The Arts

415TECH2.0: Upward Mobility Conference at City View at the Metreon

Masterworks Multimedia



REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Saturday, July 4, 2015


Fees are non-refundable after July 11, 2014 (less 5% processing fee). Non-disclosure agreement required for participation.

Atmosphere Series by Frank Pietronigro

Atmosphere Series, Pigment Prints, 32″ x 48″, 2014 Digital Photography (without Photoshop Manipulation)

These galleries offer an overview of the various projects created by the artist Over the past forty years. Please enjoy the work contained in the various galleries.

P. O. Box 193193, San Francisco, CA 94119-3163

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