Atmosphere Series Release, 2014

Atmosphere Strip1024WxX



Gold by Frank Pietronigro 2014Deep Blue by Frank Pietronigro 2014

Ruby Hint by Frank Pietronigro 2014 Red Taste by Frank Pietronigro 2014 Pink Passion by Frank Pietronigro 2014 Green Goddess by Frank Pietronigro 2014





















Balance and Harmony by Frank Pietronigro 2012 Drenched In Gold by Frank Pietronigro 2010
Peaches and Cream by Frank Pietronigro 2011
Red Ruby by Frank Pietronigro 2010 Winter Warmth by Frank Pietronigro 2011














Wispers by Frank Pietronigro 2011









The Atmosphere Series are glowing and colorful formless images discovered in the real world and are then captured by the artist using digital photography.  These images are not manipulated in Photoshop other than resizing the original digital photograph.

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11 15 13   111 Minna Gallery

Pietronigro 360 Degrees at 111 Minna Gallery


Nexus ArtReach and deYoung College Night features

Frank Pietronigro’s 360 Degrees Video Installation
curated by Robert Melton




Chiori Santiago Featured in 360 Degrees

360 Degrees - Video Still by Frank Pietronigro, 2008





Original Video Footage 
Courtesy of  NASA

An Art in Space video installation celebrating the 15th Anniversary of Frank Pietronigro’s first parabolic flight, when the artist flew in weightlessness from the NASA Johnson Space Center on April 4, 1998 while creating ‘drift paintings’ as scientific research.
Chiori Santiago, arts advocate and writer, flew with Frank’s team as In-flight Journalist. She is featured floating throughout 360 Degrees. This video work shows a painter’s creative experience as one story celebrating human space exploration. This flight was part of the Texas Space Grant’s NASA Reduced Gravity Student Flight Program and was flown in collaboration with the California Space Grant Consortium and the                                     San Francisco Art Institute.

Presented by the artist in memorial of Chiori Santiago, who passed away the night we were celebrating Yuri’s Night Bay Area 2007 at NASA Ames Research Center where the world premiere of 360 Degrees was first presented. In 360 Degrees we see Chiori floating above us, waving to us at times, while sharing in our Art In A Different Light exhibition curated by Robert Melton.